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Day 4


 - Day 4
WARNING - this blog entry is really quite disgusting.

Day 4

Didn’t wake up feeling ravenous as I’d expected. In fact, waking up was perhaps easier than normal.

I spent yesterday evening cleaning my apartment from top to bottom and for “dinner” I had the approved “Organic Vegetable Soup” - actually this consisted of a couple of radishes, two small onions and some broccoli stalks boiled and strained.

I sipped on the remaining juice and it tasted like the best thing EVER because of the monotony of ginger/apple herb juice! I illegally added some sea salt which is also organic so I think I’ll be ok.

Took two of my “reg” pills last night but today it’s been a little harder to get it out. Not exactly a strain but it just keeps blimin’ coming!

My fears of 5 feet of the stuff coming out all at once may be becoming a reality. Noooooooooooo! And, although you know I don’t like to be too graphic, it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

A little bit like poo-ing lycra. It’s stretchy and it just won’t break off, so you can be there for a while just waiting for gravity.

If you're at all curious about what this disgusting stuff - the mucoid plaque - looks like then scroll down a little. I've embedded a video I found on YouTube to show you what it's like. Really though... viewer discretion is advised. This is seriously nasty!!

If you're really intrigued then the Blessed Herbs website actually has a whole section dedicated to people's poo. Grim!

On the plus side Mucoid Plaque has "Ghost Poo" characteristics (like when you wipe and there’s no evidence). Ewwwww. This is so vile. At least it doesn’t smell.

Just Wednesday and Thursday to go and Friday, I am reintroducing solid food. Very slowly. It will be a day of the odd raw vegetable and more soup. Then Saturday, I’ll be back on the good stuff... aeroplane meals. Mmmmmm - perfect post detox food.


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