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Eastenders 24/04 - Shirley Finds Herself In An Unthinkable Situation

Pascale Day
By Pascale Day Published on 18 April 2017

Eastenders Episode Guide - Monday 24th April.


Shirley finds herself in an unthinkable situation and after discussing her options with Woody, she realises what she must do. Denise struggles when Carmel continues to shun her. However after talking to Honey, Carmel starts to have a change of heart and suggests she meets with Denise and Kush tomorrow night. Elsewhere, Woody makes his mark onThe Vic and continues to come up with ways to attract customers; suggesting a Ladies Night instead of the quiz night tomorrow.

Assuming Lauren is distracted about the job interview, Steven does all he can to cheer her up and asks Abi to come over to talk to her. With Josh on her mind, Lauren snaps at Abi and despite her sister’s advice, later reveals she’s quit her internship to a pleased Steven. However Lauren explains to Steven it’s so she can find a full-time job instead of spending time with him leaving him frustrated. Honey is surprised when Derek is the new staff member at the Minute Mart.


by Pascale Day

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