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Review: Ayurvedic Discoveries - Spa at Chancery Court

Anna-Belle Woollcott
By Anna-Belle Woollcott Published on 13 June 2011

The Spa at Chancery Court 252 High Holborn City of London WC1V 7EN 020 7829 7058 Spa Chancery Court

Ayurvedic Discoveries at Spa at Chancery Court

Ayurvedic Discoveries: Vitality

Where? The Spa at Chancery Court
How long? Two hours (treatment time 1hr30)
How much? £190

The spa:
Chancery Court is set back from hectic High Holbon road in its own private courtyard behind the fabulous Pearl restaurant. Entering the paved courtyard has an instantly calming effect - the traffic noise and London hustle disappears.

The Spa, (like in many a hotel), sits underneath the splendour of the main buildings and so has the feeling of a secret club. Heavy doors open into a small, immaculate reception where smiling staff take your shoes away on a bamboo platter.

You're led through snaking, slate lined, soft lit corridors and shown to the changing rooms. Once robed and snuggly in your towelling gown you can settle in the central, circular relaxation room to await your treatment - and it's here you return to for post massage, blissed out calm and free teas, drinks and fruit.

The changing rooms feature a sauna and steam room (complete with large amethyst stone), experience shower and two power showers. It's immaculate, just as you'd expect.

The treatment:

I tried the Ayurvedic Discoveries Vitality treatment. A two hour long experience that begins with a consultation to identify which Ayurvedic type I am.

There are three main types or Dosha relating to five elements (space, earth, fire, water, air), Vata, Pitta and Kapha. A simple test revels whether you fit one or multiple Dosha. It's possible to be all three!

Once the therapist has identified your type, she can choose the perfect blend of oils and scents to use for your treatment.

It begins with a traditional foot cleansing, lovely warm, wet towels are used to clean the feet.

A relaxing back massage follows and just as I'm drifting off, the therapist asks me to turn over. The bed makes a short, sharp clunk, shudders and moves me slowly upwards... it's slightly disconcerting but I'm quickly back in the zone as the Mukhabhyanga facial begins.

The usual facial elements are all there - cleansing, gentle exfoliation, tone and deep moisturisation. The facial massage is designed to lift the muscles, give a youthful glow and increase energy flow.

It has the opposite effect, I feel myself even closer to comatose.

A warm scented bean bag is placed over my eyes as the therapist moves down to my feet and legs.

The hour and thirty minute treatment is completed with Padabhyanga - a lower leg and foot massage, that starts with firm pressure on the legs and moves on to manipulating the marma points on the soles of the feet.

This is Ayuverdic reflexology of sorts - using deep pressure it aims to improve blood circulation and release blockages around the body.

I struggle to stay conscious because I don't want to miss anything. It's a losing battle.

After the treatment, I'm led (like a sleepy toddler) to the relaxation room where I collapse onto the day bed with a soothing green tea. I don't want to go home, I want to move into The Spa and feel this blissed out all the time.

Tested by? Anna-Belle, 30, Editor

SoFeminine Rating:

Ayuverdic Discoveries Vitality treatment costs £190 for a two hour experience at The Spa at Chancery Court.

by Anna-Belle Woollcott

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