Karl Lagerfeld launches exclusive fashion site

Published by Ursula Dewey
Published on 21 March 2012

We may lust after designer finds but most of the time designer togs are a bit of a pipedream -at least until the next highstreet collaboration, but thankfully Karl Lagerfeld has given us a new way to get a luxe look for less.

Karl Lagerfeld launches exclusive fashion site

karl ready to wear © Karl.com The creative head at Chanel is something of a fashion icon himself, with his trademark pony tail and shades, so no wonder he has launched an eponymous fashion site, and his KARL ready-to-wear collection has already got our pulses raised.

With affordable luxury at it's core, this is the go-to site for that finished high-end look, for a fraction of the cost.

Monochrome is Karl Lagerfeld's signature look, and most of the clothes on Karl fall into the black and white colour palette.

We're loving the Jane Blazer, £195.00, and these Goya Pumps, £245.00, which while still a little pricey, are totally worth it for a piece of Karl's style kudos.

Check it out now: www.karl.com.

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