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New York Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs catwalk report

Claire Sulmers Published by Claire Sulmers
Published on 17 September 2009

With bum bags worn with long skirts, embellished dresses accessorised with flip flops and polo shirts mixed with ruffled shorts, American wunderkind Marc Jacobs presented an 80s inspired collection that combined uptown style with quirky downtown ease. Traces of Marc Jacobs' Louis Vuitton day job could be seen in monogrammed Capri pants and maxi skirts topped off with plain shirts with ruffle neck adornments. Kabuki make-up and innerwear worn as outerwear lent the collection a geisha flavour and ruffle-trimmed short suits seemed to nod to British style. While a bit all over the place, Marc’s most outstanding pieces included an army green safari jacket and a ruffle-adorned brocade jacket with silver buttons.

Claire Sulmers

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