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New York Fashion Week: Ralph Lauren catwalk report

Claire Sulmers Published by Claire Sulmers
Published on 17 September 2009

It seems the Great Depression inspired Ralph Lauren in his newest collection, as he displayed simple shirt dresses, ripped denim overalls, prairie tops and easy sundresses. Perhaps attuned to the world’s financial crisis, Lauren presented the opposite of opulence with pieces that reflected a new frugal sensibility punctuated with cowboy and page boy hats and lace-up shoes worn with socks. Frayed jeans and A-line belted skirts gave way to menswear-inspired suits with pocket watches, flowing wool dresses and strapless shirred frocks, all in white or navy. While Lauren’s understated collection reflected the signs of the times, it’s hard to imagine the actual price tags will reflect the exceedingly simple set.

Claire Sulmers