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Fashion buy: Foldable wellies

Abby Driver
By Abby Driver Published on 20 July 2012

This turbulent weather means our handbags are bursting at the seams: SPF 30, umbrella, sunglasses and a cagoule for good measure are everyday necessities at the moment. Well you’re going to have to free up a bit of space because we’ve found the latest must have: foldable wellies!

Fashion buy: foldable wellies

Foldable The clever people over at The Welly Shop identified our dilemma when heading to events and festivals.

And so the foldable wellie was born…perfect for popping into your bag should the need arise. Simply swap your heels for wellies in one fell swoop.

Available in red, navy and black we have to get one of each all in the name of coordination of course.

Foldable Wellies

RRP: £79.00

Available from August at The Welly Shop

by Abby Driver