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Fashion buy: Studded flat shoes

Ursula Dewey
By Ursula Dewey Published on 8 August 2012

Who needs a man when you can have studs like these?

Fashion buy: Studded flat shoes

This pair of scarily studded pumps from SimmiShoes are ultra fierce and just right for adding an edge to a skinny jeans and blazer look.

Plus with spikes like these they'll deter anyone from stepping on your toes in rush-hour.

If your feet need their own space then what better way to say it than with a sharp stud? Yes they might be a touch S&M but if Gaga can get away with it, so can you.

We've become slightly obsessed with SimmiShoes of late - everything is so on trend and at just the right price for a gift-to-self. We love!

Check them out!

Studded pumps
RRP: £28.00
Available from SimmiShoes

by Ursula Dewey

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