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Six Guests Turned Up To A Wedding In The Same Dress

Lareese Craig
By Lareese Craig Published on 20 September 2017

This just might be the biggest thing that's happened since that white and gold dress confused the hell out of everyone, only this time round this lot were seeing the same dress. Six wedding guests turned up to their friend's wedding wearing almost-identical outfits - and no, they insist they were not bridesmaids.

Turning up to an event in the same dress as one other woman would leave the majority of us a little red-faced to say the least but how about rocking up in the same getup as five other wedding guests? Five.

That's what happened to these six women when they turned up to their friend's big day in Sydney, Australia, wearing the almost-identical $160 dress sold by Portmans and Forever New - the only variation being the detail on the bodice.

But instead of spending the day avoiding the other guests, the six friends decided to make light of the situation and pose for a photo together. After all, it's a wedding, there's cameras everywhere, there's really no avoiding the fact that they're dressed like bridesmaids.

Luckily for them, the blushing bride was pretty relaxed about her wedding guests stealing her limelight. In an interview with The Telegraph, Julia Mammone said, "I've heard of two women, maybe three, wearing the same dress but six? You couldn't make it up.

"At first there were a few dirty looks among the girls in the same dress who didn't quite know whether to laugh it off or go home and get changed. In the end we all cracked up about it. It's every girl's worst nightmare, what else can you do?"

One of the guests, Debbie Speranza, posted the photo of the group on her Facebook page, alongside the caption, 'Who wore it best???? #backupbridesmaids'


The post has now had more than 48,000 likes and 11,000 comments as it seems a lot of people can relate to this fashion faux pas.

Well, that's one way of making sure it's an unforgettable day!

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