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Victoria Beckham's Style File

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It's Harper Beckham's second birthday and she's already turning out to be one seriously stylish tot.

And with fashion designer mum on hand to dress her, it's no wonder - Harper's had her styling easy and breezy since the moment she was born.

But becoming a style icon wasn't so easy for mum Victoria Beckham. The pop-star turned designer has had her fair share of fashion ups and downs.

So with Harper in mind, we've taken a look back at Victoria's style highs and lows and her evolution from Posh Spice to front row royalty. There's some serious style lessons to learn here Harper, so we hope you're taking notes.

First up Harps - never get a perm.

Victoria Beckham's first modelling job in 1993 is a shocker. Who'd have thought we'd be coveting this girl's barnet in years to come?