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Using lubricant

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Lube is used to make sex less painful, to make using sex toys more comfortable, or just for pleasure enhancement. Here’s our advice on using lubricants.
 - Using lubricant

Lube is used to make sex less painful, to make using sex toys more comfortable, or just for pleasure enhancement. Here’s our advice on using lubricants.

use a lubricant?
Penetration can sometimes be difficult or uncomfortable. Using a bit of lube can make getting intimate a lot more pleasurable. Lubricants are also more practical than saliva, which, although pleasant at first, can evaporate, makes skin a bit sticky and leave an odour that’s less than erotic. Lubricant is hypoallergenic and compatible with condoms, which can’t be said for petroleum jelly (which can damage latex, make holes in condoms and cause irritation).

When do you use lubricant?

Lubricant is mainly used for vaginal dryness, as a substitute for natural lubrication, for satisfying sensations during penetration. Strongly recommended for use with sex toys and other such objects, lubricant makes contact gentler and can help to avoid possible irritation caused by prolonged use. And it’s often essential for anal penetration since the anus has no natural lubrication, even when stimulated.

Simple to use

Lubricant is easy to use and it can be used as an additional game during foreplay. Simply place a tiny amount of gel at the entrance of the vagina, anus, penis or even on a sex toy just before penetration, and play with it using your fingertips to spread it out. Exit any unpleasant sensations associated with penetration! Be careful if you use it with a condom: too much lubricant can make the latex too slippery and it might end up coming off.

An ever-expanding range

Like with condoms, the choice of lubricants available thesedays meets all needs and satisfies all desires! The majority of them are water-based: they don’t stick or stain, are odourless and wash off easily. However, they can’t be used in the bath or shower because they dissolve in water. So if you’re getting frisky in the water, use silicone-based gels. These have a much higher level of lubrication, and can even be used as a massage oil over the whole body.
Note: Never use silicone-based lubricant with silicone sex toys. If you're in doubt, always go for a water-based lube.

Flavoured lubricant
To give your sex life a flavour boost, try out flavoured lubricants! A number of brands offer coloured and flavoured gels for oral sex or simply for more exotic sex. Strawberry, kiwi, peach, raspberry, banana, caramel, chocolate...the choice is huge! Flavoured lubricants are edible, sugar-free and colour-free, and 100% compatible with condoms.

Have fun!
To experience a range of pleasure sensations, use your imagination. To increase the temperature (and if you don't want cold gel on your intimate parts), warm the lubricant up for a few seconds between the palms of your hands before applying it. But for an added thrill, leave the tube in a cool place a few hours beforehand for a sensation of freshness.

Lubricant aids the transfer of bacteria as well as penetration. To preserve the vaginal flora from contamination by germs, don't let unclean gel enter your vagina. If you go from anal to vaginal penetration, clean off any excess and apply clean gel to the penis.

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17/04/2008 16:19:00
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