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Male orgasm

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Male orgasm may be easier to reach than female orgasm, but according to a recent survey, 29% of men have sometimes ejaculated without feeling pleasure and 18% have faked an what else don't we know?

Male orgasm © iStockphoto - Male orgasm
Male orgasm © iStockphoto
Male orgasm

Male orgasm may be easier to reach than female orgasm, but according to a recent survey, 29% of men have sometimes ejaculated without feeling pleasure and 18% have even faked an what else don't we know?

What is a male orgasm?
Well we all know what it is - a funny sex face and a whole lot of man pleasure, but what about the science part?

It turns out that when intense sexual stimulation leads to ejaculation, a nerval influx towards the genital organs provokes contractions at the prostate (the canals that transport sperm) and the pelvic muscles, the thighs and the base of the penis.

Simultaneously your man's heart-beat and breathing accelerate and his blood pressure increases. He experiences intense pleasure which only lasts a few seconds. This is when he releases sperm that rises up his penis in the ultimate climax (ejaculation)!

How to improve orgasm?
Naturally, masturbation can lead to orgasm simply by ejaculation, but during sex the arousal is usually much stronger and the pleasure is generally more intense.

Also, even though pleasure can be easy to achieve, with practice men can learn to delay their orgasm and 'come' more intensely.

In the case of successive or multiple orgasms, the second or third can sometimes be more pleasurable than the first. So get your man to practice delaying his 'moment' and things could get extra intense for both of you.

Difficulties reaching orgasm
Problems with orgasms can be down to physiological reasons (age or illness) or psychological reasons (depression, lack of self-confidence, anger, anxiety, guilt, boredom, fear of not being able to come,etc).

A man's ability to orgasm can also be affected by alcohol, anti-depressants and anti-psychotics. A lack of desire and insufficient arousal can also cause difficulty reaching orgasm.

If your man is having trouble climaxing, it could be time to examine his lifestyle and see if there are any underlying issues that are making him ill at ease.

An appointment with the GP is a good idea - they can advise on the best next steps to take.

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