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How to do a striptease

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What better than a striptease to tantalise and turn him on? Here's our guide to mastering the art of sexy stripping.
 - How to do a striptease
What better than a striptease to tantalise and turn him on? Here's our guide to mastering the art of sexy stripping.

Erotic dance
Stripping is an erotic dance during which the woman (or man) undresses slowly to sensual music. Obviously the more clothes and accessories the dancer starts off with, the longer the striptease will be! You don't need to be a pro or a porn star to give him a striptease: it's a great and private way of turning up the heat before moving on to foreplay.
Golden rules
> Preparation
- Practice dancing in front of a mirror, working your hips and entire body suggestively.
- Show yourself in the best possible light and make sure your skin shines. Have a good exfoliating scrub to give you soft, glossy skin, make sure your legs, underarms and bikini line are smooth, then hydrate your skin with nourishing milk or shimmering oil.
- Slip into sexy underwear. Think lace or silk in red or black, and we all know men love stockings and suspenders!
- Wear something sexy that's easy to remove. A mini skirt, high heels and a blouse (you can linger over the buttons) are ideal. Feeling daring? Try dressing up as a nurse, schoolgirl, air hostess or other typical fantasy figures.
- Choose your music carefully. The rhythm should be slow and sensual. The Full Monty soundtrack is always a safe bet (like You Can Leave Your Hat On by Tom Jones, or Joe Cocker's version that Kim Basinger famously stripped to in the film 9 1/2 weeks).
- Turn the lights down to create a sexy atmosphere and make you feel happier about flaunting your bod (it helps hide any little flaws!).
- Sit your spectator down in a chair and tie him up with handcuffs to spice up the show!
> Technique
- During your dance, look him in the eyes all the time, sending sexy glances his way. But keep your movements slow and precise: the idea is to show off your bod, not your dance moves.
- Play with your hands and touch yourself wherever you want to attract his attention.
- After a minute's dance, start the strip. Always start with your top, removing your blouse very slowly, button by button, to make the pleasure last, then let it slide to the floor.
- Play with the clothes you’ve taken off: wrap your belt around him, throw your bra at him etc.
- As you get down to your underwear, get closer to tease him...he can look, but he can't touch!
- Use accessories to help you play around and get in character, using a chair to execute suggestive positions, a hat, scarf etc. Get creative!
Professional help
If you're not comfortable with stripping or you want to give him a surprise for his birthday, help is at hand: pole dance, lap dance and striptease lessons are now available at clubs and even gyms!

Sarah Horrocks
13/08/2008 15:30:00
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