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Penis size

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You can't tell from his shoe size, the size of his hands or nose...but whether he's well-endowned, wide, long or compact, what really matters?
 - Penis size

Men and their penises: a timeless love story
A man's penis is an integral part of his anatomy, and the bigger he is, the more virile he feels. From adolescence onwards, men think that the size of actors in porn films is the norm, and that theirs should be at least 22cm long. To reassure themselves about their size, they'll measure themselves up against others, casting a sneaky eye over their friends' members in the shower or changing rooms to make sure theirs matches up. The other big fear is not being able to satisfy their partner.

Size isn't everything
Because our erogenous zones are limited to the vagina, men can heave a big sigh of relief, because it's not just size that dictates how much pleasure we get out of sex. Caresses, tenderness and good listening all count for a lot! We're not just interested in length (though there is a minimum!) - width is important too. Our vaginas are between 8 and 12cm long, so we don't need a monster to satisfy us! Remember too that the vagina is very elastic and adapts easily to the size of your partner's penis.

Vital statistics
For an erect penis:
8cm: Anything below 8 is a mini. 3% of men have micro-penises.
15cm: Average.
12.8cm: Average circumference.
20+: Whopper

What about others?
A big penis isn't a sign of virility. In certain American Indian tribes, social status is defined by penis size: the smaller a man's penis, the higher his social status! There is no evidence that nationality or ethnicity influences penis size, so don't believe the common myths that black men are better endowed or that Asian men are less well endowed.

Taking measurements
If you're unsure how big your partner is, out with your ruler! Place a solid ruler at the base on the pubic bone at the end of the glans and hold his erect penis as straight as possible to take his measurements! To measure circumference, use a measuring tape around the widest point.

Enlargement surgery can be performed on micro penises, though not on the NHS unless the problem is related to illness or injury. Surgery can't change the size of an erect penis and can result in loss of erectile elevation. At best, a few extra centimetres can be gained when 'at rest.' Penis extensions or plant-based supplements which claim to increase penis size are available, but again, there's no guarantee they will have any effect.

Sarah Horrocks
28/11/2007 18:58:00
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