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The G spot

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No, the G spot isn’t a myth! Find and familiarise yourself with this erogenous zone, which is the source of powerful orgasms...
 - The G spot

No, the G spot isn’t a myth!

An area of intense pleasure
The inner walls of the vagina contain a multitude of erogenous spots, among which is the G spot. Sometimes referred to as the female prostrate, it was first named the G spot by Dr Grafenberg in 1944. The sensitivity of the G spot varies from woman to woman, but its erotic potential has to be worked on: once it’s been located, explored and stimulated, the G spot can lead to more intense, more satisfying and longer orgasms than clitoral orgasms.

Find your G spot
It’s situated on the front wall of the vagina, behind the pubic bone, generally halfway between the entrance and the far end of the vagina (about 4cm from the entrance). But everyone is unique, and it might be nearer or further away from the entrance to the vagina. To guide your partner, first locate the erogenous zone yourself. Start by introducing a finger into your vagina, pointing slightly towards your stomach. At about 4cm, you’ll come across rougher skin quite different from the rest of the inner wall. Constant stroking of the area can give you the urge to urinate and make the skin swell and harden because of the inflow of blood. This kind of stimulation can cause instant pleasure or can take time to be pleasurable.

Stimulate your G spot, alone or with your partner
- The G spot is more sensitive if the clitoris has been stimulated beforehand. Alone or with your other half, repeat the previous exercise or guide his hand and finger. The G spot needs to be stimulated for longer, with more pressure than the clitoris, using back and forth or circular movements.
- If you use a sex toy, use one with curved tips, or one that gives double stimulation of both the G spot and the clitoris.
- There are certain positions that help reach orgasm via the G spot. The man positioned behind (“doggy style”) is one of them, because the man can easily reach the front wall of the vagina. Also, with the man kneeling and the woman lying down with her ankles over his shoulders, she can control the movement and direction of his penis.
- Finally, the classic missionary position, but with your legs raised higher and your heels over his shoulders, is another route to G spot gratification.

Be patient!
Whilst the sensitivity of the G spot varies a lot from one woman to the next, it's a well of potential erotic pleasure for everyone. When you get that strange sensation, similar to the urge to urinate, it’s common for women to become worried about an embarrassing situation and therefore stop before they reach orgasm. Empty your bladder beforehand and be patient! If the pleasure doesn’t come straight away, it won’t be far off and it will be worth it for both of you.

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