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Erogenous zones

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If you want to multiply desire during forpelay then there’s nothing like targeted touching and kissing all over the body, especially on the erogenous zones.
 - Erogenous zones

According to the medical dictionary, an erogenous zone is ‘part of the body that excites sexual feelings when touched or stimulated.’ Three types exist:

Primary zones
- these are the organs that trigger orgasm when stimulated. In women, the primary erogenous zones are the clitoris and the vagina. The clitoris is stimulated when caressed or touched with circular movements and the vagina is only sensitive when the G spot is reached through muscular contraction on penetration. Primary erogenous zones in men are located on the penis; arousal is generated through rubbing movements either during masturbation or penetration.

Secondary zones
- these areas also trigger arousal of the primary zones when touched, increasing sexual pleasure, but they are not always needed to reach orgasm. In women, these are the pubic area, buttocks, labia majora and labia minora, the entrance of the vagina, perineum, anus and nipples. The male secondary zones are the penis, the area around the anus and the inside of the thighs. Some men also like their nipples kissed and nibbled.

Potential zones 
- the goal here is to trigger a series of exciting sensations that stimulate primary areas, bringing about erection and moistening of the vagina. These erogenous zones have more of an erotic dimension and vary from one person to the next both in terms of their location and their intensity. It’s up to each individual to discover these zones, which are located all over the body.

Are everyone's erogenous zones the same?
In theory, erogenous zones are quite similar from one person to the next, but sometimes people have preferences. To find out what areas are your most sensitive, experiment with your partner. A bit of kissing and touching will soon tell you!

How do they develop?
There is a part that is innate and a part that is acquired. This means that some zones develop naturally and others develop over time, starting in childhood. Some specialists have shown that physical contact with the mother in childhood plays an important role in sensory perception in a child and even in the development of sexuality in adulthood. For example, a baby who has had only functional attachment without any special tenderness will have no particular pleasant memories of skin contact and will lack self-confidence (and vice versa). It seems that baby girls are shown more tenderness (hugs, cuddles and kisses) than baby boys, which could explain why women have more erogenous zones than men.

Do they always give you pleasure?
It depends on the degree of relaxation during foreplay. If you are totally relaxed and ready for your partner's attention, your erogenous zones will give you great pleasure and excitement. However, if you're stressed and anxious, your whole body will be on the defensive and touching could cause unpleasant reactions or tickling. It's not uncommon for women to laugh during foreplay, which can ruin the erotic dimension of the situation!

Precautions to bear in mind
Obviously erogenous zones are very sensitive before sex. Desire and attraction helps. However, after orgasm, touching, kissing, licking and stroking can be unbearable and even painful. This is the case for the glans penis (the head) and the clitoris, as well as the nipples (for both men and women). So it is important you both let each other recover for a brief period known as the refractory period, during which neither of you is sexually aroused because your erogenous zones are hypersensitive.

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03/03/2008 13:19:00
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