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Leona Lewis Hair Styles

By The editorial team Published on 30 March 2011

Who? Leona Lewis

Hair style: 1940's glamour

Get the look: 40's rolls are super hot right now. The trouble is they're not that easy to do yourself.

Asking a hairdresser to create an awesome updo is the best way to ensure perfect party hair - Headmasters are specialists or you can try any number of blow dry bars such as in Topshop.

Try it at home: Blow dry your hair straight and section off a large portion at the front.

Pull th remaining hair into a mid-height pony tail and spray with hairspray.

Back-comb the section lightly.

Using a small bristle brush, work the brush over the front of the section to smooth it out and then do the same to the back. It might. You're not trying to remove the back-combing, you're trying to disguise it.

Once the it looks pretty smooth again, use your fingers to roll the hair into a tube, roll it all the way down to your head. Roll towards the front.

Once your roll is in place, pop in some pins. You always put pins in where your fingers are holding the style in place. Try to make sure the pins you put in do not show!

Spray and your done.