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Hollyoaks 02/10 - 06/10 - Tom Is Having Second Thoughts About Living With The Cunninghams

Lareese Craig
By Lareese Craig Published on 26 September 2017

Hollyoaks Episode Guide - Monday 2nd - Friday 6th October.


Tom is having second thoughts about living with the Cunninghams, prompting Milo to come up with a plan to change his mind. Cindy is surprised when Milo later tells her about his time at Young Offenders.

Adam threatens to take Lisa to court over Tracey’s death, whilst Darcy panics when she can’t find her confession letter about killing Tracey. Later, Jesse turns up at the Donovans with papers from the salon, with the missing note hidden among them. Elsewhere, Lisa finds a phone but is stunned by a text from Darcy on it.

Joel has to attend a meeting about the job in Tanzania on his own when he thinks Cleo is sick. Joel and Cleo get the job. Heavily pregnant Courtney starts to feel unwell at work. She leaves Alfie in charge but when it all descends into chaos, Sally tells Courtney to take her maternity leave.

It’s the day of Tracey’s funeral but Jesse decides not to attend and instead looks after Courtney. After getting close with Courtney, Jesse decides to attend Tracey’s wake but things between him and Adam become heated. Later, Darcy is confronted by her mystery man, Glenn, who knows Darcy was to blame for Tracey’s death. It’s a shock when Adam and Jesse arrive and we realise that Glenn is their dad.

Meanwhile, Courtney struggles to breathe and is suffering but can’t get to her phone…When Brody and Damon lose their jobs at Duke Street Social, Brody charms Ellie into giving them jobs at The Dog. Milo is furious when he catches Dirk with stolen goods and urges him to get rid of them, but Dirk orders more stock instead.

Tegan finds Courtney unable to breath and she is rushed to hospital with Jesse by her side. The baby is fine, but Tegan urges Courtney to take some time off.

Ellie thaws towards Damon when he helps out at The Dog but Holly is worried about her friend and, with Milo’s help, wants to prove that Damon can’t be trusted. Farrah confronts Scott about Damon, who pretends to be okay but he is actually struggling to cope.

Damon comes face to face with Maggie and Scott and lashes out at them both. He’s on self-destruct and gets drunk - Brody tries to get through to him.

Grace and Sienna begin planning Sienna’s escape. Marnie leaves a struggling Scott to look after Nightingales but it all goes wrong and Scott runs away.

Ryan breaks down when he sees Leah in one of Amy’s old dresses. Meanwhile, Tony and Harry return to Nightingales after Marnie called begging for help. There’s an opportunity for Tony to buy into Nightingales if he can get £25k by Monday.

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