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Health tips

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Diet tips

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Most popular diets...

The Lemon Diet The Blood Type Diet The Bikini Diet


A-list diet secrets
Alkaline diet
Age diet
Atkins diet


Cabbage Soup diet
Cambridge diet
Celebrity Diets
Clean Cleanse
Chlorella Smoothies


Dairy free diet
Dash diet
Delivery diets
Detox in a box
Diet Wise
Diet Chef
Dukan diet


Fasting cleanse
Five and Two diet
Food Doctor diet
Food Mindfulness
Fricker diet


Harcombe diet
High protein diets
His n Hers diets


Japanese diet
Jennifer Aniston's diet
Jennifer Lopez's diet
Jessica Biel's diet
Juice diets


Kate Hudson's diet
Kim Kardashian's diet
Kirsten Dunst's diet
Kylie Minogue's diet


Lemon diet
Low Cholesterol diet


Natalie Portman's diet
Nosh Detox diet


Okinawa Diet


Palaeolithic diet
Pritkin diet
Pure Package


Rainbow diet
Raw Fairies
Raw Food diet
Rihanna's diet


Scarlett Johansson's diet
Scarsdale diet
Soup diet
South Beach diet
Special K diet


Three day diet


Vegan diet
Vegetarian diet
Victoria Beckham's diet


Weight Watchers diet


Yoyo dieting


Zone diet


3 day diet
5:2 diet

Don't forget...

Here at sofeminine.co.uk we don't think there's any more effective way of getting fit and healthy than eating a balanced diet and being active! But we realise that from time to time we all need a little help, so if you want to follow a prescribed diet plan to shed the pounds then check out the diets and weightloss plans in our A-Z of diets. Also make sure you talk to your GP before doing anything drastic, it's always better to be safe than sorry!

Plus it's always good to remember that if you're in need of some moral support you can chat with our dieters in our diet and weightloss forums! You can do it!! 
Let's get connected...

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