Self-esteem at work: getting your confidence back
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Making yourself known in the workplace


 - Making yourself known in the workplace

Don't wait to be given work, new clients or solutions. Look for answers to questions yourself and try to anticipate the needs of your company as often as you can.

Showing initiative in this way is remarkable proof of your investment in the company.

But don't overstep - take your findigns to your boss before you act. Bosses hate presumption and assumption.

Ask for or write up minutes of meetings

Put in place a system for recording minutes of meetings. Ask for minutes when you haven't been able to attend a meeting involving your department, and automatically send minutes to managers and team members of the meetings you have organised.

Everybody gets something out of it and this new way of working, which you've established, will quickly become a routine that's appreciated by all. What's more, it regularly reminds your superiors of your role in the smooth running of the company.

Be curious

To develop and further your knowledge in your field of expertise, glean as much information as possible about the competition, your area of focus, what's going on abroad, etc.

Once you've gathered this information together, pass it on to your manager who will not only know what to do with it (in theory), they will also recognise you as a promising employee and will probably entrust you with other tasks like these.

Take the initiative

Get involved in your company's activities: meet employee representatives, organise end-of-year office parties, visits to trade shows that are of interest to your company, put in place a file-sharing system, etc.

Talk of your involvement will quickly find its way up to the ears of superiors and your name will at last be associated with a face.

Do your job well

It seems obvious when put like that and yet we often think more about moaning and complaining, rather than working to get what we want!

Show how impeccable you are: punctual, efficient, imaginative, respectful, productive, honest, dynamic, etc. In short, be professional and no boss will be able to survive without you!


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