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Female comedians stand up to sexism!

Sophie Herdman
By Sophie Herdman Published on 29 October 2012

We’re big fans of the Everyday Sexism Project and No More Page 3 at sofeminine. And we’re not the only ones. The two projects, which are both pretty new, have been the talk of the town for the past few months.

Female comedians stand up to sexism!

The Everyday Sexism project is on a mission to collect stories of, you guessed it, everyday sexism. From the boss who asks you if it’s your time of the month to the guys who grab your bum on a night out, and say you’re asking for it because you're wearing a short skirt.

The No More Page 3 project is equally brilliant. It’s asking, nice and politely, for The Sun to stop publishing photos of topless young women in the paper. They’ve protested outside The Sun’s offices and are asking followers to boycott their advertisers.

Now, we’re very excited to reveal that the two projects have joined forces to put on one very special comedy night - Stand Up to Sexism!

The night, on 18th Novemeber in London, will feature comedians and performers, from feminist drag burlesque to women's rights rap, all coming together in the name of feminism (and to provide a few laughs, of course).

Both campaigns have had a lot of support from comedians - Josie Long, Jennifer Saunders and Chris Addison to name a few. So after Josie said that she was frustrated by the amount of panel shows with only one woman on, and Susan Calman took a stand against the idea that women aren't funny, they decided a comedy night was the way forward.

"It's time to stand up for women, to tell girls they don't have to be bare or beautiful...to be looked at," the organisers Lucy (from No More Page 3) and Laura (from Everyday Sexism) said. "To show them as they discover their place in the world that it doesn't have to be on page 3. That they won't be judged on their looks alone, that assets mean more than just breasts, that they don't have to hit a glass ceiling or feel scared to walk alone at night. And, of course, to poke fun at the idea that campaigns like ours are stuffy and serious and straight laced!"

So far, the line up includes the following award winning comediands and writers: Kate Smurthwaite, Joel Dommett, Viv Groskop, Suzi Ruffell, Chris Coltrane, Joe Wells and John-Luke Roberts. Oh, and there's more to be annouced.

To take a stand on sexism, simply by watching some brilliant comedy, you can buy tickets here.

by Sophie Herdman

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