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International Anti Street-Harassment Week 2013

Maria Bell
By Maria Bell Published on 8 April 2013

Picture this: A guy walks down the street, he’s doing nothing special, wearing nothing special, saying nothing special, just minding his own business when a group of girls notice him.

International Anti Street-Harassment Week 2013

Now these girls start leering at him and when he tries to speak back to tell them where to go, they start to aggressively shout obscenities at him whilst trying for a cheeky grope as he stands there shell-shocked.

Chances are you’d be a bit shocked right? Now think of it the other way round. This happens to women around the world every single day and we won’t be the only ones to tell you that most of the time, if people do witness this, they do nothing about it.

Which is why this week is International Anti-Street Harassment week, where a lot of people including the guys at Stop Street Harassment are going to do something to stop it. From 7th to the 13th of April, tens of thousands of people worldwide will be joining together to raise awareness on a global scale.

But this event is a lot more than just a bit of fundraising activism. On the 12th and 13th of April you have the chance to literally meet likeminded women and men on the streets to spread the pro-respect message in your community. From Brussels to Chicago, from India to Argentina, people will be reclaiming the streets with street performances, placards and marches to let everyone know that this kind of abuse won’t be taken lying down.

If you’re not up for a bit of street-side activism then you can get involved by holding an event of your own – whether it’s a self-defence class or a film screening. Still not that way inclined? Well at the very least why not get your social on and take part on Twitter or Facebook?

There’s a whole load of interactive Twitter chats with activist groups like @EverydaySexism, @MenStopViolence and @WomensMediaCntr taking place over the next few days which frankly you’d be mad to miss out on. You can find out the full schedule here.

Think a week dedicated to stopping leering and wolf whistles is a step too far? Well this is exactly the kind of response that proves how engrained this kind of abuse has become and how widely we have come to accept it. Time to stop it now!

Visit Meet Us On The Street for more information.

by Maria Bell