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Men of violence - one year after the crackdown in Iran

Shila Meyer Behjat
By Shila Meyer Behjat Published on 12 June 2010

On the anniversary of the disputed June 2009 election and one year of unprecedented violence and repression in Iran, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran released a report naming fifteen leading officials responsible for carrying out the brutal repression against peaceful protestors and civil society activists.

The 36-page report provides detailed profiles of fifteen officials who either implemented brutal policies of repression or instigated and promoted violence against protestors.

“A year of extraordinary repression has passed, and no one has been held accountable for extreme violence against Iranian citizens. It is time to speak out and stand up for the rights of Iranians and victims of murder, torture, and rape,” said Hadi Ghaemi, the Campaign’s spokesperson.

Although the Iranian Judiciary has moved swiftly in prosecuting dissidents and protestors in patently unfair trails, it has taken no steps to identify and hold responsible those committing widespread atrocities.

According to government’s own accounts, at least 48 protestors died on the streets during the past year as well as four detainees who were murdered under torture at the Kahrizak Detention center. According to Iranian human rights defenders, the number of those killed is much higher, but the government has intimidated the families of the dead over the publication of their names.

The Campaign calls on the international community, particularly countries where the fifteen human rights violators named in this report may travel to or hold financial assets, to implement travel bans against them and freeze their assets. These countries could include member states of the European Union, Canada, UAE, and Malaysia.

“Holding human rights violators accountable on the international stage sends a strong signal to the Iranian authorities that such individuals are not welcomed abroad and despite their unlimited impunity inside Iran, they are recognised around the world for their atrocities and cannot get away with their crimes indefinitely,” Ghaemi said.

To read the full report and watch the video, go to Men of Violence: Perpetrators of the Post Election Crackdown

by Shila Meyer Behjat

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