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Women's U.S. Open golfers earn less than half than men

By The editorial team Published on 4 July 2011

The U.S. Women’s Open kicks off at The Greens in Colorado on the 4th July.

Women's U.S. Open golfers earn less than half of men’s prize fund.

The Colorado course will play host to some of the most renowned female golfers in the international circuit.

And while revenues in Colorado are expected to rise up to almost $20 million thanks to the presence of the women’s competition, the female golfers can expect a pay out less than half than offered to their male counterparts in the U.S. Women.

More than 114,000 tickets for the event have already been sold and the number will increase with the on-the-door ticket sales opening on the 6th July.

Still the female golfers on the circuit are making the most of their trip to Colorado. Sandra Gal, 2011 KIA Classic Champion (pictured), told Colorado Connection "I was hoping to go to Pikes Peak a few days ago and I did that. It was really fun and next thing is Garden of the Gods, maybe some zip lining."

Unlike the Men’s U.S. Open golf tournament, the Women’s U.S. Open is not recognised as a major championship despite attracting the world’s best female golfers.

Perhaps for this reason, the men’s prize fun exceeds $7.5 million this year, and the winner's share will be $1.44 million, the women’s prize fund is less than half at $3.25 million with the winner making just $585,000.

With Wimbledon tennis champions winning the same amount regardless of gender, we think it’s disgraceful that there’s such a huge discrepancy in the golfing world.