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Anti-ageing skin care is best started early © Hemera - Anti ageing skin care advice
Anti-ageing skin care is best started early © Hemera
Anti ageing skin care is something we all think we know about. But still the crows feet creep up on you and your skin just isn't what it used to be.

Aesthetic/dermatology nurse and practitioner Marie Narsoomamode sees patients looking to regain lost looks or preserve their skin for the future, every day at The Private Clinic on London's Harley Street.

So when I was given the chance to ask her for expert advice on anti ageing skin care and how I could reverse the damage I'd already done, I jumped at the chance.

Anti ageing skin care - it's not too late

Although I'm not yet 30 and my skin is in pretty good condition, as a women, I have the ability to see myself in a wholly unrealistic light and to imagine faults and problems invisible to most human eyes.

Here is my list of issues with my face:

1. Light sun spot style discolouration on my forehead and under my right eye.

2. Deep-set frown lines on my forehead... well, "surprise lines" really, they appear more pronounced when I raise my eyebrows.

3. Crow's feet and creasing around my eyes.

Not a huge list, normal really and certainly nothing that required drastic action... or so I thought.

I went to The Private Clinic to meet with nurse practitioner Marie Narsoomamode (pictured right). She's a wonderfully welcoming and friendly woman whose skin is reassuringly lively and fresh looking. I'd dreaded meeting an immobile plastic faced person intent on butchering me.

Fortunately The Private Clinic, where she works, are pioneers of non-invasive cosmetic and medical treatments, so rather than a full on face lift, slightly less extreme measures are advocated.

Narsoomamode works in aesthetics and dermatology and sees patients with a wealth of skin complaints and beauty wishes. She casts her eyes over my face and I get the feeling she's spotted my "faults" without me even explaining them to her.

Still, I reel off my list of complaints and rather than laughing at me and sending me packing (as I'd hoped) she begins by explaining my first problem: Melasma (discolouration) and what I can do to treat it.


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