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Love and Relationships...

Mercury is in harmony with Venus: Thanks to your warm nature, contacts which you make today will be very fruitful, and you will have the opportunity to show your best side as a lover or a friend. Today won't disappoint!

Mars is in harmony with Venus: Today you will feel the need to find stability with your partner. If you can find an equilibrium, you will feel more attractive.

Mercury is in conflict with Saturn: If you have a lack of self-confidence today, you will find it hard to assert yourself and this will unsettle you. Show them the real you and open up!

Saturn is in conflict with Saturn: Today will be good one for contemplation. You will want to think about the depth of your feelings and to re-evaluate your hopes and dreams. Ask yourself some questions.

Work, Luck..

Mercury is in harmony with Venus: You are on the verge of a period of rebirth, and you will want to overhaul a few things. You will change the way you work and you will reap the benefits in your daily life, at work as well as at home.

Mars is in harmony with Venus: Today, you will feel encouraged to achieve the aims you have set yourself. You know what you want, you are making great strides towards it and you will expect good results from your team. You've got nothing to complain about!

Mercury is in conflict with Saturn: If you are going through something of a social crisis, you may be doing the wrong thing and it might be time to think about other areas that interest you. You will need to analyse your feelings and re-organise yourself.

Jupiter is in conflict with Saturn: At the moment, you seem to be refusing to accept reality and you can sometimes be narrow-minded. It will be impossible to communicate with you today and you may be a little obstructive. Don't be surprised to find youself alone!

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  Trends for
this month
  Cosmic sex
Warning: There maybe some contradictions in your reading, which is perfectly normal, as each planet will have its own influence on your chart. It's just a reflection of the complexities of life!
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