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High blood pressure during pregnancy
...low down and I have high blood pressure. He's also mentioned blood poisoning - is this serious? Help......High blood pressure is very serious during pregnancy. It must be treated, and you must get plenty of rest and try not...

Diabetes and pregnancy.
...I had a blood sugar test on 75g...

Dizzy spells and nausea during pregnancy.
...point to low blood pressure or a vagal infection. Although it is frightening at the time, neither condition is serious if...

Folic acid and pregnancy.
...in the mornings for the past few months, to plot my fertility graph. It doesn't seem to be high enough: normally......sexual hormones; ovulation; fertilisation and helps prevent anaemia by making haemoglobin and red blood cells. It also...

High levels of HCG.
...it be an ectopic pregnancy......impossible to say. High levels of HCG can be caused by plenty of things, amongst them, twins and molar pregnancies. Ask...

Sleeping tablets during pregnancy.
...Taking sleeping tablets is not recommended during pregnancy, or in fact for......in the same way as alcohol or cigarettes. It is a particularly bad idea in the later stages of pregnancy, as they can create...


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