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Professional haircare tips

Professional haircare tips

What are your everyday haircare essentials?
First of all, don’t neglect your hair. Brush it carefully throughout the day, section by section. Brushing aerates your hair and scalp – your scalp needs oxygen too, just like the rest of your skin !

Before you wash your hair, make sure you give it a good brush (again!) to get rid of tangles, to aerate and to make sure you get an even coverage of shampoo and conditioner all over your head. Squeeze a blob of shampoo into your palm and lather up in your hands before applying bit by bit from the nape of your neck, on the top of your head and from your temples up, then over your entire head. The lather should be spread evenly all over.

Before rinsing, break down the lather by continuing to work the shampoo through your hair but adding a small amount of water little by little. Then rinse, you don’t have to use cold water and you certainly shouldn’t if you have greasy hair because it aggravates the scalp.

When drying your hair use a gentle heat on a high power for lots of movement and switch between hot and cold to set your style. Use a brush made of boar hair(!) ; for curls use a brush with a metal handle for a heat effect which will help.

One essential thing you must do regularly is clean your brush in soapy water, rinse well and leave to dry. It’ll work better if you take care of it!  

How do you go about choosing the right products?
Hair itself is either ‘neutral’ (healthy and unproblematic) or dry, and it’s the scalp that secretes excess sebum and makes your hair greasy.

You need to find the right products adapted to your hair type – ask your hairdresser or a dermatologist what sort of scalp you have.

Once you’ve found the right product, you need to use it properly and regularly. After each wash, use de-tangling conditioner or balm, and use a mask once or twice a week for 5-10 minutes. Once every two weeks or whenever you feel like it isn’t enough and won’t do you any good!


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