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Meditative hot stone massage

Meditative hot stone massage
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This traditional practice consists of heating basalt stones in a container of hot water, the temperature of which is kept constant in order to induce physiological effects of relaxation and detoxification. During a session, you'll be invited to lie down on your back on the hot stones set down on the table to suit your body. Then hot or cold stones will be placed on certain key points on the front of your body (the shoulders, neck, etc, depending on your needs).

While you're lying down on the stones, which are placed along the length of your spine, your body will be heated by successive movements of oiled hot stones that the practitioner will slowly glide over your muscles from head to foot. This is the real 'massage' part of the treatment, with more pressure applied to certain zones. The back also receives treatment: therapeutic massage, friction, pressure, vibrations and other motions with alternating temperatures. The massages carried out with cold stones are designed to reduce inflammation. The coldness provokes a vascular contraction and calls up energy from the body, making you very receptive to the heat that follows. Alternating hot and cold provides a pleasant surprising sensation and is called thermotherapy.

Benifits: Extremely relaxing. This massage lets you clear your mind, with the hot and cold sensations on your body. Muscular tensions are also soothed as a result of the changing temperatures, and it balances your circulation and flow of energy.

Note: It's not recommended for people with diabetes, heart trouble or a weak immune system.

Price: For an hour and a half of treatment, the cost is between £50 and £90.


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