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Swap pricey food for cheaper alternatives


 - Swap pricey food for cheaper alternatives
 "But the healthy stuff's all too expensive!" we hear you cry. Not true! You can make huge savings using good old-fashioned substitution.

Swap olive oil for rapeseed oil (canola oil). It's a whole lot cheaper and healthier for dressings and seasoning. Just don't use it for cooking, as it doesn't stand up to heat well.

Swap red meat for white meat and eggs. Expensive red meat is often high in saturated fat, unlike eggs and white meat which contain just as much quality protein, if not more.

Swap meat for veg. For even more savings, have veggie nights and replace meat with protein-packed chickpeas or lentils. Mix them with cereals (pasta, rice or couscous) to make filling, healthy meals.

Swap coffee for tea. You pay a premium for quality coffee, so a brew is a healthier option (especially antioxidant tea). Ban coffee chain takeaways while you're at it: the drinks are always overpriced and usually loaded with calories. Give up posing with a half-litre bucket of designer coffee and stock up on fruit tea to make in the office. If you can't function without the odd treat, have skinny options at the ready in jars or sachets (Ovaltine, Options hot chocolate, skinny lattes etc).

Swap biscuits and cereal bars for plain chocolate and cereals. You pay a premium for biscuits, cake bars and other office drawer munchies, but even the healthy-looking cereal and biscuit bars are often packed with sugar. Swap them for a couple of squares of plain chocolate and a crispbread, Krisproll, piece of bread or rice cake.


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