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Tips from our life coach


 - Tips from our life coach
Our life coach Christian Decker gives us his top tips on getting the most out of our holidays.     

What's the most important criteria for a good holiday?  

Having a good holiday doesn't just mean transporting your body to the beach: you have to take your whole self - body and soul, so to speak.

You need to let go, lose your daily habits and thinking mechanisms you have for the rest of the year. That's one of the first obstacles. Putting your mind and energy into minor details in a negative way wears us out.

You have to accept what you find when you get there and accept things as they are. Even if not everything is perfect, just go with the flow. 

Tell yourself that now is the time to enjoy yourself and don't hold back or deny yourself anything. Say 'Yes' to yourself more!   

What does saying 'Yes' more really mean?  

Quite simply, saying 'Yes' to what you want and enjoying it. To do this, you need to be able to appreciate the present. 

Most people shelter in the past or look to the future by reflex or instinct, but whether you do it by fear of the unknown or for whatever reason, it stops you from living for the present. 

These people need to organise everything when they're on holiday as well as the rest of the time: they need to be in control and can't just leave themselves open to the unexpected. It's like a fear of truly knowing yourself. 

Holidays are an excellent opportunity to take stock, think about who we are and where we're going in life.  

Why are holidays a good time to take stock and reflect?

Holidays stand apart from the rest of the year. When you're away you don't have to worry about work and timekeeping and you have to time to forge different relationships with the world and your surroundings.

Doing what you want, making the most of quality time with the kids, getting out in the great outdoors and trying new things make you discover different sides to your personality and different values that wouldn't show at other times. 

Take note of what makes you happy and use it to change aspects of your life that you don't like when you get back home.


Sarah Horrocks
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