Survey results:
Q1 - How did he pop the question?
It was done by the book: ring, champagne, and down on one knee for the magic question!
61 %
It didn't really happen: after several years living together, the question of getting married came up naturally.
28 %
I was the one who proposed to him!
9 %
Q2 - For you, a wedding is:
The only valid commitment for a couple.
60 %
An opportunity to have a big party.
11 %
A formality that willl make everyday life easier.
15 %
Lots of money and organisation for just one day.
11 %
Q3 - Marriage then kids or kids then marriage...What comes first for you?
Faithful to tradition, I won't be having a child before getting married.
48 %
The order's not important; it's a question of how you feel, and sometimes timing.
32 %
They're both part of your life together.
19 %
Q4 - Your wedding preparations lasted...
Less than 6 months.
32 %
Between 6 months and a year.
39 %
More than a year.
27 %
Q5 - For the big day preparations:
You and your husband-to-be did it all yourselves.
38 %
All your family and friends helped out.
54 %
You called a wedding planner in - very practical!
7 %
Q6 - Your wedding budget was:
Less than £5,000.
38 %
Between £5,000 and £10,000.
33 %
Between £10,000 and £20,000.
20 %
More than £20,000.
8 %
Q7 - The biggest part of your budget went on:
37 %
Hiring and decorating the location.
40 %
Wedding rings.
21 %
Q8 - How did you finance your big day?
You and your husband-to-be paid for it all yourselves.
43 %
Your parents helped out.
44 %
Your parents paid for it all.
11 %
Q9 - How much did your dress cost?
Less than £500.
40 %
Between £500 and £1,500.
48 %
More than £1,500.
11 %
Q10 - The most difficult part, in terms of organisation, was:
Finding a venue. You need to book more than a year in advance!
24 %
Finding a menu to suit everyone's tastes.
15 %
Finding suppliers who provide good quality for reasonable prices - a wedding's so expensive!
38 %
The invitations, wedding cake and decoration: you did it all yourselves.
20 %
Q11 - The ceremony took place...
In a registry office or town hall.
27 %
In a church or other religious building.
54 %
17 %
Q12 - How many guests did you invite?
About 30 guests (small scale).
21 %
Around 80 guests (family and friends).
52 %
200 guests or more (wedding of the century!).
25 %
Q13 - What was the most special part of the day for you?
Saying "I do".
53 %
Seeing each other dressed in your wedding attire.
9 %
Hearing the speeches in honour of you.
4 %
Entering the building on your father's arm.
9 %
At the end of the day, when it all sank in.
23 %
Q14 - Throwing the bouquet, wearing a garter, wearing "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue"...What do you think of wedding traditions?
A wedding without the little traditions isn't a proper wedding!
69 %
It's not my thing
14 %
OK about the bouquet, but not the rest!
15 %
Q15 - You are:
25 %
33 %
Living with my partner
38 %
2 %



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