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Beauty buy: AKA Cosmetics beautiful blush

Ursula Dewey
By Ursula Dewey Published on 12 June 2012

We've bitterly accepted that summer is not going to arrive in the UK, so we've been cleverly devising make-up tricks to give our vitamin D deficient skin the illusion of health.

Beauty buy: AKA Cosmetics beautiful blush

And that means blush people! Bronzer is pushing it - honestly do you remember the last time you saw the sun?

A girlish bloom of cheeky colour is the main weapon against our rain weary skin adding a flush of life to even the most pallid complexions.

And AKA is our top choice for high pigment colour that can withstand Blighty's bothersome weather.

It smoothes on a treat and is easily blendable so you can have natural looking blush a la Natalie Portman rather than war stripes like Lohan.

AKA is a make-up newcomer - and as well as beautiful blushes, their eyeshadows and nail varnishes are a real treat... better yet this is high end make-up (everything comes in boxes you know) at high street prices.


AKA Blush
RRP: £7.00
Available from
AKA Cosmetics

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