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Beauty buy: Barry M's vegan beauty

By The editorial team Published on 25 May 2012

Beauty without cruelty? We like the sound of that.

Beauty buy: Barry M's vegan beauty

Barry M might be best known for their bright colours and bold approach to make-up but did you know that their range doesn't contain any animal products and is beautifying without hurting any of those cute fluffy ones?

Yep - it's true. We're all for make-up that is animal friendly and fashion forward.

Barry M's cute new powders are on our beauty hit list right now - not just because they're ethically pleasing, pocket friendly and on trend - but also because they really work.

Their Translucent Powder is a summer make-up must - it leaves skin with a velvet texture and a golden glow.

Top up throughout the day to stay looking so fresh and so clean, clean.

Translucent Powder
RRP: £5.99
Available from Barry M

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