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Beauty buy: Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight collection

Victoria Turk
By Victoria Turk Published on 30 June 2012

We're yearning for an exotic holiday after catching a glimpse of Bobbi Brown's new sand- and sun-inspired eye shadow palette.

Beauty buy: Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight collection

eye pallette © Bobbi Brown The Desert Twilight collection is made up of eye shadows, lip shades, nail polishes and blushers that evoke dusky late summer colours.

It's just the thing for that mysterious desert rose look, even if the most exotic place you're going is down the pub after work!

This palette contains eight different powder shadows in warm tones that are perfect for the season.

Try using one of the darker shades on your lid and blending with a lighter shade above the crease of your eye for a super-sexy defined finish.

Check out the rest of the collection to complete your look with an inky gel eyeliner and a dash of nude lip gloss.

Desert Twilight Eye Palette
RRP: £48.00
Available from July 1st from
Bobbi Brown

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