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Beauty Buy: FlickTips False Eyeliner Extensions

Maria Bell
By Maria Bell Published on 8 May 2012

We have to admit, we weren't convinced when these landed on our desk, but sometimes you have to be open minded when it comes to beauty innovations.

Beauty Buy: FlickTips False Eyeliner Extensions

We all know trying to master the perfect cat-eye flick can be a nightmare. For fabulous flickers like Fearne Cotton, Adele and Kate Moss, having a team of make-up artists at your every whim makes life much easier. If you happen to be a mere mortal, managing various brushes and gels can be quite tricky.

FlickTips promise long-lasting (even) feminine flicks that can't be rubbed or smudged. Sounds incred' right?

Well lets' just say sometimes things are better in theory than reality.

By applying a simple piece of paper to the outer edge of your eye, FlickTips claim to give super sexy eyes in just three easy, steps - just "Pick, Stick and Go".

There are six FlickTips in a pack - but sadly most of the designs are rather unwearable.

But, if you ignore the scary Kiss style flicks and exaggerated Winehouse numbers and opt for the smaller, subtle flicks then you will be pleasantly surprised.

With the larger styles it's obvious that you have a piece of paper stuck to the side of your face but the smaller ones can blend more easily with the rest of your eye-liner and give you a flick that won't fade.
All in all it's a bit of a faff but if you stick with the small and simple styles then FlickTips is a viable option - but perhaps best saved for special occasions.

RRP: £6.98
Available from Sally Express

by Maria Bell

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