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Beauty buy: Hypnȏse Star mascara by Lancȏme

Victoria Turk
By Victoria Turk Published on 28 June 2012

Boop-boop-a-doop! It's time for some vintage Hollywood glam, and who better to represent it than iconic 1930s star Betty Boop?

Beauty buy: Hypnȏse Star mascara by Lancȏme

Lancȏme has taken inspiration from our fave cartoon heroine to bring us Hypnȏse Star, a mascara that promises to give your lashes movie star volume and killer curves.

The brush has two flat sides and two curved sides: the flat edges load up your lashes to boost colour and texture, while the round ones set them in a gravity defying curl.

Lashes like these are as much a science as an art, you see!

The mascara formula itself is enriched with mineral pigments and light-reflecting oils, because iconic make-up is all about mysterious, dazzling eyes.

For a vintage pin-up finish, we advise pairing it with a classic red lipstick and pulling off the look with a mischievous wink...

Lancȏme Hypnȏse Star mascara in black
RRP: £21.00
Available from

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