Beauty buy: LCN Spa Nail Therapy polishes

Published by Abby Driver
Published on 18 July 2012

We love a good mani just as much as the next girl but we hate what it does to our nails, brittle is not hot.

Beauty buy: LCN Spa Nail Therapy polishes

LCN Nail Luckily we’ve found a new moisturising nail polish that promises to shine and nourish leaving nails looking fabulous.

Infused with bamboo extract the polish covers the nail with a film protecting it from everyday bothers such as variations in temperature - and let’s be honest, that is a bother at the moment.

With six neutral shades to choose from and a reasonable price tag we might have to snap up several of these nail must-haves.
LCN Nude Nail Shades
RRP: £10.50
Available at

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