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Beauty buy: Nail tattoos by skin art

Ursula Dewey
By Ursula Dewey Published on 19 September 2012

Love the look of nail art but have a shaky hand? Us too.

Beauty buy: Nail tattoos by skin art

Nail Art nail tattoos Some people make it look so easy, but if you're not a natural nail art pro, luckily there are a few tricks of the trade that can help get your talons looking ultra cool.

Such as Skin Art's Nail Tattoos. One little sachet pack contains plenty of nail tattoo options from flying birds to kitsch-as-can-be anchors and on trend crucifixes.

There's a tat' to please every taste.

Luckily these tattoos are much less of a commitment than getting inked for real. Simply paint your nails and once dry just place the tattoo graphic of your choice over the nail and rub it on.

These micro nail stickers will stay in place for days if you just give them a once over with a clear top coat - and you can enjoy having some graphic nail art with minimum fuss.

Just be sure to place them in the right position - once they're on, they're stuck good.

Nail Art tattoos
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by Ursula Dewey

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