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Beauty buy: Nails Inc Couture

Ursula Dewey
By Ursula Dewey Published on 24 May 2012

Nails Inc - we loved you already... but now we love you even more! Introducing the Nails Inc Couture service. Get excited people!

Beauty buy: Nails Inc Couture

If you're a nail polish addict (that's most of us then) you may need a Tena Lady pad handy before we tell you that Nails Inc are offering bespoke nail polishes that you can design yourself.

From the bling bling lids that come in sparkly, studded, silver, hot pink and sexy black, to the colour of your choice, to the fancy box it comes in, you have a hand in designing your very own Bespoke Couture polish - right down to the name - which is in our opinion the best bit.

Name it after yourself or make one for a friend. It's the kind of thing you can have fun with.

Thanks Nails Inc - we now have a new lunch break addiction!

Nails Inc Couture
RRP: £20.00
Visit www.nailsinc.com/couture

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