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Beauty buy: ORLY Decoded nail polish

Abby Driver
By Abby Driver Published on 2 August 2012

This gorgeous polish is part of ORLY’s 2012 Electronica Collection.

Beauty buy: ORLY Decoded nail polish

There are four colours in the range, Decoded (medium gray), Preamp (shimmery gold and pink), Shockwave (primary blue) and Synchro (shimmery burgundy).

Out of the four, we fell for Dedcoded because it looks so damn chic! Whilst shimmery polish might look fab in a nightclub, in the day it
reminds us of being thirteen. Not good.

We love this slate-grey polish with blue undertones: it’s easy to apply, doesn’t chip after a few days and looks gorge on.

And like all Orly nail varnish, Decoded is free of DBP, Toulene and Formaldehyde and features the award winning, rubber ‘Gripper Cap’ which means no more gross, claggy nail polish lids - woo hoo!

ORLY Decoded nail polish

RRP: £7.50

Available from Beauty Bay

by Abby Driver

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