Beauty buy: Pixi waterproof makeup remover

Published by Abby Driver
Published on 28 September 2012

We love coming home and taking off all our make-up, but all too often it leaves our faces looking a little red and bothered.

Beauty buy: Pixi waterproof makeup remover

pixi waterproof makeup remover That’s why we love Pixi’s new waterproof makeup remover it’s both super senstative and mega effective, meaning skin is left tingly clean without any irritation.

It’s free from preservatives, parabens and lots of other nasties too, to make sure your skin is cleaned in a kind way. We say: yay!

Make sure you shake before use and then watch as your stubborn make-up comes off in one clean sweep. Ta da!

Pixi waterproof makeup remover

RRP: £10.00

Available from

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