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Make-up for fair skin

Sarah Horrocks Published by Sarah Horrocks
Published on 30 October 2007

For porcelain or milk-and-roses complexions, use transparent, barely-there, make-up to enhance your skin’s radiance.

For porcelain or milk-and-roses complexions, use transparent make-up: subtly shimmering pinks over a velvety base for a light, breathable, ‘second skin’ effect.

Barely-there, delicate make-up enhances your skin’s radiance best.

What to use
- Moisturiser
- Green-tinged concealer or under-eye concealer
- Liquid foundation
- Shimmering blusher
- Pastel eyeshadow
- Shiny pink lip shine

Choose the best colours to highlight a fair complexion according to your hair colour:

- If you’re blonde, go for a palette of cold colours such as bluish pink, salmon grey and mauve. Icy pastels look gorgeous on your skin and create an irresistible nude look.

- If you’re brunette, go for warm, matte colours such as powdery plum, chestnut red and amber brown.

Get porcelain skin
To get a smooth, luminous skin tone à la Kate Moss’ gorgeous rosy velvet skin, follow these three steps:

1- Moisturise
You need to get your skin smooth and light in preparation for make-up. Apply moisturising cream all over your face so that your skin can breathe and so it retains its elasticity all day long.

2- Camouflage
To achieve a perfect complexion, hide blemishes and imperfections using a green-tinged concealer or under-eye concealer, dabbing it on where necessary.

3- Even out
For that velvety effect, use a lightly powdered liquid foundation with a natural finish. Select a foundation half a shade lighter than your skin tone, testing on the underside of your wrist. Pinky shades illuminate fair, silky skin beautifully.

Focus on make-up
Shimmering blusher:
Create a natural, transparent look. Whether you use powder, mousse or cream blusher, go for shimmering pink and apply to the prominent part of your cheeks, sweeping upwards to your temples.

Pink eyeshadow:
Metallic eyeshadows add shine to your eyes. For a soft look, select pastel shadows that go well very with pale skin. A light golden sheen or shimmer will light up your eyes.

Girly lips:
Lip shine and gloss enhance fair skin subtly. For a romantic, natural look, go for soft, delicate colours such as pink and mauve. Avoid bright red, which will look too harsh against your skin.

For a sun-kissed look
If you love having a bit of a sun-kissed glow, arm yourself with special self-tanning or summer skin products designed for fair skin.

These add glow and radiance to your face but are light enough for fair skin. And apply illuminating/shimmering powder using a large brush to illuminate your rosy complexion.

Photo: Estée Lauder

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