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Who supplies my gas and electricity?


 - Who supplies my gas and electricity?
Once you've got the best deal there are things that you can do yourself to reduce costs! 

Cut the cost of your bills by:
  • Don't leave anything on standby! This includes TVs and stereos.
  • Turn your heating down one or two degrees.
  • Reset your heating timer as the days warm up. Do you really still need it on 6am until 8am?
  • Get draft excluders for your outside doors. They'll help keep the heat in! A rolled up blanket will also do the trick if you're really skint. Or you could even make your own.
  • Don't leave lights on in empty rooms. Get really good at switching stuff off.
  • Take showers not baths. You'll use less hot water that way.
You can get monitors that show you where your energy consumption is too if you really want to find out what's eating up all that electricity and gas!

Plus sometimes you might be being overcharged so always check your meter readings.

These will establish what your true usage has been - then your provider will either refund you if you've overpaid or more likely ask you for more because you haven't paid enough! 

As well as this it is always worth looking at insulation options. This is something your landlord would need to approve but many companies (including Thames Water) are running schemes that offer FREE loft and cavity wall insulation. So it's worth asking your landlord if he's keen for you to get this done.

Better insulation will help you to significantly reduce your heating bills and it's better for the environment.


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