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Abbie Cornish laughs during sex scenes

By The editorial team Published on 6 April 2011

Abbie Cornish has confessed she always laughs during her big screen sex scenes when they go wrong.

Abbie Cornish ends up giggling when filming most of her sex scenes.
The 'Sucker Punch' actress has no problem acting out love sequences for the camera - as can be seen in her performances in 'Limitless' with Bradley Cooper and 'Candy' with Heath Ledger - but admits she usually ends up in fits of laughter when they go wrong.
She said: "They're all mates, that's the thing. So I'm lucky. With friends, if someone's pants don't come off properly, or if something gets stuck, you just end up giggling."
Although Abbie - who was previously in a relationship with actor Ryan Phillippe - is comfortable acting out sex scenes, she's not been keen to take things further with any of her co-stars.
She explained to Esquire magazine: "Alligators have two sets of eyelids; a clear set, so they can see, and another one which is opaque.
"It's like that when you're acting those scenes. You're looking through the clear eyelids. So it's not me doing the scene with, say, Bradley, it's my character."

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