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Adele loves '£1 novelty knickers'

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 23 July 2012

She may be on of the most successful singers in the world, but Adele remains true to her humble London roots.

Adele loves '£1 novelty knickers'


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The multiple Grammy and Brit award-winner, who's expecting her first child with entrepreneur Simon Konecki, is said to head to bargain store Primark for her underwear.

Author Chas Newkey-Burden writes in Adele: The Biography: "She is still the same girl she always has been. For instance, one day after she hit the big time she followed a visit to the Louis Vuitton store by going to knockdown-clothes favourite Primark.

"She is a big fan and loves the £1 knickers with all the novelty designs and funny jokes on them. But she knows she can only wear them once because they just fall apart."

Nonetheless, the 24-year-old Adele does have a taste for designer handbags.

Chas added: "One of her most expensive models was made by Chanel and set her back over £2,000."

And like many women, she's also happy to spend her hard-earned cash on manicures.

Chas explained: "She loves acrylic nails. She calls them her ghetto nails and says they make her feel like a woman."

by Esme Riley

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