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Alex Reid: Chantelle Houghton doesn't trust me with Dolly

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 25 September 2012

Alex Reid has claimed that he hasn't seen his daughter for a week because of Chantelle Houghton.

Alex Reid: Chantelle Houghton doesn't trust me with Dolly

Alex Reid


The cage fighter alleged that Chantelle won't "trust" him to be with little Dolly unless she's there - but Alex has no desire to see his ex.

Alex told Now magazine: "I've told her we have to speak about it because I'm going to want to take Dolly. Not away from her, but for a day. I want to take her to see my family."

He added: "She isn't happy about that. She wants to be there at all times.

"She doesn't trust me with Dolly because she does pretty much everything for her. But I'm more than capable of caring for her."

Alex said his parents have only seen his three-month-old daughter twice, and that he's desperate to spend some quality time with her.

He continued: "I want to snuggle her and kiss her and eat her. I wanted to bath her last night. Thank God I've got videos of her. I end up looking at them for hours."

Alex, 37, doesn't want to get into a bitter custody battle with Chantelle, but she's "digging her heels in" about the fact he will sometimes want to have Dolly for the night.

Alex and 29-year-old Chantelle split last month after he was arrested at their Essex home.

Chantelle called the police when Alex broke down the door in frustration because she wouldn't let him in.

Though Chantelle says she was terrified, Alex insists he was shocked that she took such drastic measures and that he was "completely calm".

He said last week: "All of a sudden there were two policemen standing there. Then six more turned up and told me they were going to have to arrest me. I was in my pyjamas!"

Alex spent a "horrible" night in a cell and Chantelle split up with him over Twitter.

Chantelle wrote online: "Unfortunately I have had no option but to end my relationship with Alex.

"But Chantelle has spoken out this week and admitted she is "gutted" and "devastated" that Alex spoke to the press so soon after they broke up.

She said: "Alex got arrested because he kicked a door down that isn't his property - it's the landlord's property.

"It's so hurtful - this is my life, it's not a joke. I feel betrayed, really."

by Esme Riley

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