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Alex Reid speaks out about rumours he's not Dolly's dad

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 3 October 2012

Alex Reid has been left devastated by reports he's not the father of Chantelle Houghton's baby.

Alex Reid speaks out about rumours he's not Dolly's dad

Alex Reid


The cage fighter, who split with Chantelle last month after a series of explosive rows, is prepared to take a DNA test to prove the three-month-old is his flesh and blood.

He told Now magazine: "Those rumours are hurting me and I'm absolutely disgusted.

"I can prove it if I need to. I'll go for anyone who says I'm not Dolly's father."

Rumours that Alex might not be Dolly's father were sparked when Chantelle, 29, got pregnant just three months into their relationship.

In previous years, Alex, 37, had been through two unsuccessful rounds of IVF with ex-wife Katie Price, which put into question his ability to father children.

But Alex responded: "I'm one million per cent certain Dolly's mine. People say these things to make money."

And furious Chantelle is suspicious of where the speculation stemmed from.

She tweeted: "Wonder who actually made the rumour up. I never heard them. Is it let's make a rumour up but defend the rumour so it doesn't look like its u."

The couple had been having problems all through Chantelle's pregnancy and eventually split for good on 7th September after Alex was arrested.

Chantelle said she was terrified as Alex smashed through the door of their Essex home - but he told a different story.

He told Now: "I rang the doorbell and knocked for five minutes. She didn't answer.

"So I sent her a text message, saying: 'I will knock the door down'."

Alex admitted he "booted the door" in frustration after trying to call Chantelle.

He continued: "She came down the stairs swearing at me and going crazy. But once I was inside I was completely calm. I didn't swear once and I actually told her to calm down."

Though Chantelle - mum to their three-month-old baby Dolly - threatened to call the police, Alex didn't think she was serious.

He added: "All of a sudden there were two policemen standing there. Then six more turned up and told me they were going to have to arrest me. I was in my pyjamas!"

by Esme Riley

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