Chantelle Houghton is desperate for another baby

Published by Esme Riley
Published on 26 June 2012

Chantelle Houghton gave birth to a little girl less than two weeks ago - but she already wants another child.

Chantelle Houghton is desperate for another baby

Chantelle Houghton wants baby with Alex Reid

Alex Reid
Reality TV star
born 21/07/1975

The 28-year-old reality TV star, who's engaged to cage fighter Alex Reid, is keen to get pregnant again as soon as possible.

She said: ''I'm desperate! The day after I gave birth I said, 'I want another one.' If he lets me, I will.

''I'd have one kid after another after another. I want a house full of kids - this is what I want, this is what I do now! I want to be pregnant by the end of the year.''

The couple are yet to reveal the name of their new arrival, though Alex has decided to tell the world they're looking after her umbilical cord for medical reasons.

Alex, 36, told OK! magazine: ''I cut the umbilical cord and it was so emotional.

''We're keeping it for stem cell research, so if she's ever poorly we can rebuild her.''