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Daniel Craig accuses Austin Powers of "F***** up James Bond"

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 31 August 2012

Daniel Craig accuses Austin Powers of "F***** up James Bond"

Daniel Craig


Daniel Craig has accused comedic actor Mike Myers of ruining the James Bond franchise with his series of Austin Powers films.

The 44-year-old, who will be returning to our screens as Bond in the new Skyfall film, has charged Austin Powers with parodying the genre too effectively.

He told Empire magazine: “Austin Powers f***** it. By the time we did Casino Royale, the Mike Myers spoof had blown every joke apart.

“We were in a situation where you couldn't send things up. It had gone so far post-modern it wasn't funny anymore.”

Since joining the iconic franchise Daniel Craig has been credited with reinvigorating the film series (and sales of tiny mens swimming trunks).

The latest instalment, which hits UK cinemas at the end of October, will see James Bond face a new nemesis Silva who is played by Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem.

Daniel is quick to point out that although Bond doesn’t have the laugh out loud humour characteristic of Austin Powers movies, there’s a dark comedy to the films which make them engaging to watch.

He explained: "I think what's always fantastic about the Bond stories - and they have retained it, though they might have lost it for a while - is that there's always a darkness involved, but it's a darkness with a sense of humour.

"A black humour. It's about danger, but good danger, because you're in the hands of somebody who's saying, 'F*** you' to risk and, 'F*** you' to dying."

So it would appear that it’s not the exotic locations, amazing gadgets or beautiful Bond girls that Daniel loves about Bond but actually the “black humour” - alright, if you say so Daniel...

by Alison Potter

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